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Rotate One Object to Match Another

Sometimes you need to rotate a block or object to match the angle of an existing object. Here’s one way to accomplish that, using the Reference option of the ROTATE command.

In this example, you want to rotate the desk to match the rotation of the end wall. Follow these steps:

Start the ROTATE […]

Another way to align a rectangle with a line on the fly–using AutoLISP

This is a guest post by Sanjay Kulkarni, an AutoCAD programmer. You can read more about him at the end of this post.

In an earlier post, Ellen showed how to align a rectangle with a line on the fly. You can easily create the same effect using AutoLISP. This AutoLISP routine is simple, and […]

How to create a quick polar array with the ROTATE command’s Copy option

Instead of creating a polar array, in some situations, you can use the ROTATE command’s Copy option. It works best when you want to end up with 2 or 3 objects, because you need to repeat the ROTATE command for each copy.

For example, let’s say that I want to add 2 more benches around […]

Align a rectangle with a line on the fly

You can align a rectangle with a line or other existing object on the fly, avoiding the need for a separate rotation. Watch the video or read the steps.

Here are the steps:

Start the RECTANG command. At the Specify first corner point or [Chamfer/Elevation/Fillet/Thickness/Width]: prompt, specify the first point. Choose the Rotation option. […]

How to rotate the crosshairs and other techniques for drawing at an angle

Need to create a drawing at an angle? AutoCAD offers several options.

Use polar tracking to guide you

Right-click the POLAR button on the Status bar and choose Settings or click its down arrow and choose Tracking Settings. Set the angles you want and click OK. For example, a 45° angle will display tracking guides […]