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Align a rectangle with a line on the fly

You can align a rectangle with a line or other existing object on the fly, avoiding the need for a separate rotation. Watch the video or read the steps.

Here are the steps:

Start the RECTANG command. At the Specify first corner point or [Chamfer/Elevation/Fillet/Thickness/Width]: prompt, specify the first point. Choose the Rotation option. […]

Make dimensions look orderly by aligning them

As you add dimensions, they can get messy looking if you don’t align them.

The DIMSPACE command has a little-known technique that automatically aligns the dimensions for you. Follow these prompts:

Select base dimension: Select the dimension that you want to align the other dimensions to.

Select dimensions to space: Select the dimensions that you […]

Align a block to other objects with a dynamic block Alignment parameter

If you’d like to be able to quickly snap a block aligned or perpendicular to another object, a quick, helpful use for dynamic blocks is the Alignment parameter. Unlike most other parameters, you don’t need to specify an action.

The Alignment parameter is easy to create. Make the block and open the Block Editor (the […]