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Measure almost anything with the MEASUREGEOM command

The MEASUREGEOM command is fairly new (since AutoCAD 2010). It measures distance, radius, angle, area, and volume and replaces some older commands like AREA and DIST (although those commands still exist).

Choose Home tab> Utilities panel and then click the Measuregeom drop-down list. Then choose the option that you want to start the MEASUREGEOM command.


How to rotate the crosshairs and other techniques for drawing at an angle

Need to create a drawing at an angle? AutoCAD offers several options.

Use polar tracking to guide you

Right-click the POLAR button on the Status bar and choose Settings or click its down arrow and choose Tracking Settings. Set the angles you want and click OK. For example, a 45° angle will display tracking guides […]

Pre-specify an angle

When you’re drawing a line at an unusual angle, you may want to see how the angle looks. After you specify the first point, you can type the < (angle) symbol and then the angle you want to try. For example, <10.

This locks the next segment to that angle while you enter the length. […]