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Tutorials: How to Copy Objects Between Drawings

Updated with AutoCAD 2017

Copying objects from one drawing to another is a common task. You can use the Windows Clipboard and the drag-and-drop methods.

When working with 2 drawings open, choose View tab> Windows panel> Tile Vertically (or Horizontally) to view both drawings at the same time.

Note 1 : You can use these […]

Move an object the same displacement as previously by pressing Enter 3 times

When you use the displacement method of moving an object, AutoCAD remembers that displacement for the next move.

What is the displacement method? At the Specify base point or [Displacement] <Displacement>: prompt, you specify the X, Y coordinates. For example, you might type 0,4 to move the selected object up 4 units.

Want to move […]

How to create a quick polar array with the ROTATE command’s Copy option

Instead of creating a polar array, in some situations, you can use the ROTATE command’s Copy option. It works best when you want to end up with 2 or 3 objects, because you need to repeat the ROTATE command for each copy.

For example, let’s say that I want to add 2 more benches around […]

Copy as you stretch, move, rotate, or scale & create multiple leader arrows

When you edit with grips, you can use the Copy option to copy as you edit. For example, if you are scaling a circle, use the Copy option to make concentric circles.

If you want to create a leader that points to more than one object, first create the leader pointing to one object. Then […]

Drag and drop moving and copying

Are you used to dragging and dropping objects in graphics programs or even word processing programs? In AutoCAD 2000 you can drag and drop objects, either to move them or copy them. This is the easiest method when you don’t need exact precision about where your objects end up. There are two methods:

Select an […]