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Create a scaled PDF of your drawing

There are several ways to export a drawing to a PDF file–I have links to some other related tips below. But most don’t have a way for you to specify your scale, because they aren’t connected to the plotting process.

Instead, you can plot to a PC3 file that creates a PDF file. This method […]

Use AutoCAD to create graphics in PowerPoint, Flash, and more—the wonderful WMF image format

A vector image is an image whose underlying definition is vectors, that is lines, directions, and distances. Programs use equations to define vector images. Many programs create vector images, including Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Flash, and, of course, AutoCAD.

Vectors have a great advantage—they never get grainy when you enlarge them; they’re always crisp and clear. […]

Change the color of the screen and other elements

Recently, a subscriber asked me, “How do I change my screen from white to black?” Many of you know the answer, but I realized that I don’t have this on my website anywhere, so I thought I should add it.

Start the OPTIONS command. An easy way is to right-click anywhere in the drawing area […]

Attach a PDF as an underlay

Lots of people use the PDF format. If you have a PDF image that you want to reference as you draw, you an attach it as an underlay, starting with AutoCAD 2010. This is similar to attaching an xref.

Choose Insert tab> Reference panel> Attach (the ATTACH command). You can also use the PDFATTACH command.


Create a multi-page PDF from the Sheet Set Manager

I just finished teaching a 2-week AutoCAD class at the local University here (Maharishi University of Management). The course was part of the Sustainable Living undergraduate major program. It was a lot of fun and the students created amazing designs and fantastic drawings of those designs. Although the time was a little tight, they really […]

Creating JPEG and PNG files from AutoCAD drawings

Many people need to export image files from AutoCAD to put into reports or other documents.

Did you know that you can save a drawing in JPEG and PNG format for display on the Web, in Word, etc? Use the JPGOUT or PNGOUT command.  For other formats (WMF, BMP and more), use the EXPORT command […]

How to put an AutoCAD drawing in a PowerPoint presentation

You can put an AutoCAD drawing — in DWF format — directly into PowerPoint. Not just a JPEG or other image of the drawing, but the actual drawing. More incredible, with Autodesk® Design Review, you can zoom in and out and pan around the drawing to show all of the drawing in detail, all from […]

AutoCAD tutorial: Create a simple sheet set

Architects use sheet sets all the time to pull together the many required drawings into one package. Other disciplines use them less often, but if you need to deliver a number of drawings together, they can help you organize and maintain them.

Sheet sets have a reputation for being complicated and they are, if you […]

Extract data from objects in AutoCAD 2008 and later

One of the new features in AutoCAD 2008 is data extraction. This might make you think of block attributes and data connectivity, but it combines features of both. It’s both simple and powerful.

You start with the new DATAEXTRACTION command, or by starting the TABLE command and choosing the From Object Data in the […]

Tutorial: Create a plot style (color-dependent)

Do you need a way to integrate flexible display into your plots? For example, you may want to produce draft plots that use less ink. Or you may want to plot all in black, or shades of gray. You may want to change solid fills to hatches for some plots.

The way to create multiple […]