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Use AutoCAD to create graphics in PowerPoint, Flash, and more—the wonderful WMF image format

A vector image is an image whose underlying definition is vectors, that is lines, directions, and distances. Programs use equations to define vector images. Many programs create vector images, including Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Flash, and, of course, AutoCAD.

Vectors have a great advantage—they never get grainy when you enlarge them; they’re always crisp and clear. […]

Control the export of WMF images

Padmasiri e-mailed me from Sri Lanka:

“I draw diagrams in AutoCAD and export them as Windows Metafiles(WMF). After that I import them to an MS Word document. Unfortunately they are imported with the background. But I want them without background (only the line work). How do I overcome this problem?”

This is a common task. […]