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Creating JPEG and PNG files from AutoCAD drawings

Many people need to export image files from AutoCAD to put into reports or other documents.

Did you know that you can save a drawing in JPEG and PNG format for display on the Web, in Word, etc? Use the JPGOUT or PNGOUT command.  For other formats (WMF, BMP and more), use the EXPORT command […]

Control the export of WMF images

Padmasiri e-mailed me from Sri Lanka:

“I draw diagrams in AutoCAD and export them as Windows Metafiles(WMF). After that I import them to an MS Word document. Unfortunately they are imported with the background. But I want them without background (only the line work). How do I overcome this problem?”

This is a common task. […]

Create a custom toolbar in AutoCAD 2006 or later

In this tutorial, I’ll explain the steps for creating a new toolbar using the Customize User Interface dialog box. This dialog box is new for 2006 and the method of customizing toolbars, menus, etc. is very different from previous releases.

Choose Tools>Customize>Interface, or type cui on the command line. Click the drop-down list at the […]

Convert slide libraries/image tile menus and tablet menus to tool palettes

(For Releases 2004 and 2005)

If you have custom menus that you have been using for inserting blocks, you know that creating and maintaining these menus is a major project.

If you have a digitizing tablet, you may be using the Tablet 1 section of the tablet menu. If you change a block, you […]