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Layout and plotting tips for AutoCAD

Almost everyone needs to plot or print drawings. Here are some tips for working with layouts and plotting. Please leave a comment with your own tips so we can have a great plotting resource all in one place!

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Working with layouts To see what is on […]

Tutorial: Create a plot style (color-dependent)

Do you need a way to integrate flexible display into your plots? For example, you may want to produce draft plots that use less ink. Or you may want to plot all in black, or shades of gray. You may want to change solid fills to hatches for some plots.

The way to create multiple […]

Tutorial: Create a page setup for plotting

Do you change your plot settings a lot? Do you plot drawings in various ways, for example, a draft plot and a final plot? Or do you create various layouts and need to plot them differently?

You can save page setups, which contain settings for plotting. A page setup is attached to a layout, so […]