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Change the color of almost any AutoCAD screen feature

A reader told me he was having problems with his 3DCLIP command after upgrading to AutoCAD 2013. He wrote:

“I create 3 or 4 different 3d models that I then xref them together into an arrangement drawing. I then create my viewports for the different views I will need. In the past, I […]

Change the color of the screen and other elements

Recently, a subscriber asked me, “How do I change my screen from white to black?” Many of you know the answer, but I realized that I don’t have this on my website anywhere, so I thought I should add it.

Start the OPTIONS command. An easy way is to right-click anywhere in the drawing area […]

On which layers should you create blocks?

When you create blocks (also called symbols to insert into a drawing, you need to consider what layer to use for the components that make up the blocks. Your choice depends on the results you want and you have four choices:

Component Properties Insertion Results On any layer (except 0); color, linetype & lineweight set […]

Working faster with layers

You can modify more than one layer at a time. In the Layer Properties Manager dialog box (click Layers on the Object Properties toolbar) right-click and choose Select All or Clear All. Choose a range of layers by clicking the first layer, holding down Shift and clicking the last in the range. Choose multiple individual […]

Getting the perfect color

AutoCAD 2000i has added the capability of assigning any color to objects in your drawing. You can define the color using the Red-Green-Blue system (RGB) or the Hue, Saturation, Value system to create any color you want, such as an object’s true color in real life. To use this feature, you need to create or […]