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Getting the perfect color

AutoCAD 2000i has added the capability of assigning any color to objects in your drawing. You can define the color using the Red-Green-Blue system (RGB) or the Hue, Saturation, Value system to create any color you want, such as an object’s true color in real life. To use this feature, you need to create or edit a plot style. (For the details on plot styles, see pp. 520-530 of my AutoCAD 2000 Bible.) To assign any color to an object, follow these steps:

Choose File > Plot Style Manager.

Double-click Add-a-Plot Style Table Wizard.

Go through the wizard until you reach the Finish screen. You’ll probably want to use the current plot style table as a basis instead of starting from scratch.

Click Plot Style Table Editor.

Choose one of the existing styles or add a new style. (If you are using color-dependent plot style tables, choose a color. These steps assume you are using named plot styles.) Name it and add a description.

In either Form View or Table View, click Color to access the drop-down list. At the bottom of the list, choose the new True Color option top open the True Color dialog box.

Specify the color you want by dragging the arrows in the Hue/Value area at the left or typing red, green, blue or Hue, Sat, or Val values.

Click OK when you are finished.

Click Save & Close.

Click Finish to close the Wizard.

To see the results of the new plot style, you need to assign it to a layout, then to an object, as explained on pp. 527-528 of AutoCAD 2000 Bible. Here are brief steps:

Right-click the tab you want to use and choose Page Setup.
Click the Plot Device tab and choose the plot style table containing the plot style you created.
Check Display Plot Styles and click OK.
With the same layout active, select the object that is supposed to get your new color.
Choose Properties from the Standard toolbar and choose the Plot Style item in the Properties window.
Choose the plot style you created from the drop-down list.

You can check out how the object will look in a full preview of a plot.

Paul Burgener sent in a tip for helping to decide which of the 255 AutoCAD colors to use. He mentions that different printers produce slightly different results and even the paper can affect the color. AutoCAD provides two drawings, colorwh.dwg and plot screen and fill patterns.dwg that display the 255 colors. You can also print lineweights.dwg to see how your lineweights will look.

Ellen Finkelstein

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