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Working with linetype scales

Simple linetypes allow you to apply a repeating series of dashes, dots, and spaces to your objects. Complex linetypes can also include text or shapes.

Recently, a reader said that his linetype was defined as dash-dot but displayed as a continuous linetype. If you have this situation, zoom in and see if you can see the […]

On which layers should you create blocks?

When you create blocks (also called symbols to insert into a drawing, you need to consider what layer to use for the components that make up the blocks. Your choice depends on the results you want and you have four choices:

Component Properties Insertion Results On any layer (except 0); color, linetype & lineweight set […]

Working faster with layers

You can modify more than one layer at a time. In the Layer Properties Manager dialog box (click Layers on the Object Properties toolbar) right-click and choose Select All or Clear All. Choose a range of layers by clicking the first layer, holding down Shift and clicking the last in the range. Choose multiple individual […]

Tutorial: Create a custom simple linetype

AutoCAD comes with a number of linetypes: continuous, dashed (various lengths), dotted, dash-dot, border, center, and so on. But you can make your own. A simple linetype is just a pattern of dashes, dots, and spaces. (A complex linetype can include text and shapes, but that’s another tutorial.)

To create your own simple linetype, follow […]