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Which font to use?

Don’t know which font to use? Until AutoCAD offers a WYSIWYG font drop-down list (send in your wish lists, folks!), you can print out truetype.dwg, which comes with AutoCAD in the /Sample folder. It probably doesn’t contain all the fonts on your computer but does have a sample of enough fonts for most people.

2 comments to Which font to use?

  • virginia

    i have made a little .dwg with all of the font names typed out in their respective fonts. i find it helpful, so if anybody would like a copy, let me know!

  • Joe Rocha

    Hi Virginia, I think thats a great idea, I always spend a lot of time with oicking different typefaces. Can I request the file from you? It would be very handy, and thank you for your work on this.

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