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Tutorial: Draw a 3D threaded bolt – video tutorial

Some people prefer to learn from video, so I’ve created a video of a tutorial that I created on drawing a 3D threaded bolt. The video is 9 minutes long. You can find the text version at “Draw a 3D threaded bolt.”

Ellen Finkelstein

4 comments to Tutorial: Draw a 3D threaded bolt – video tutorial

  • Adolph Lodoiska

    Thank you for this tip. Actually it’s a great help creating your own dynamic blocks, production drawings delivered a little faster.

  • Kaiser

    Nice and lovely way to do this object. Thanks

  • Methosalem Autocad

    Yes it is better to watch video tutorial than by just reading worded instruction. I learn faster in video tutorials. Autocad is very easy to use once you already are very familiar with the basics.

  • Hello Admin. Thanks for this tutorial. I learn something at here.

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