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Reverse a polyline in AutoCAD

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Probably my favourite entity in AutoCAD is the polyline. However, there have been a few things in the past that I’ve found somewhat annoying, one […]

Create a polyline from the boundary of existing objects

Sometimes you need to create a closed polyline from several existing objects that don’t meet end to end.For example, let’s say that you want to draw a polyline from the inside border created by the rectangle and two circles.

The BOUNDARY command is a very easy way to do this.

Start the BOUNDARY command to […]

Divide up a polyline or spline

Ever need to place an object evenly along a polyline or spline? For example, you may want to divide a plat into equal sections or 40′ sections. For whatever reason, you can do this easily using the DIVIDE or MEASURE command.

These commands are especially useful when your object is a curvy polyline or spline […]

Speed up your work with command aliases

When I give instructions, I usually provide ribbon access instructions for commands, but the quickest way to work is to type command aliases on the command line. You just need to know them. Print out this list and keep it by your computer for a couple of weeks until you learn them. You’ll be amazed […]

Tutorial: Draw a 3D threaded bolt

A common, but difficult task, is to create a threaded bolt. I recently got a request for more 3D tutorials, so here you go. This tutorial assumes an intermediate knowledge of AutoCAD.

I rummaged around a box of miscellaneous junk and found this bolt. It’s about 3 inches long.

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Do objects with thickness have tops and bottoms?

You can create 3D objects by adding a thickness to them. These objects function like 3D surfaces. For example, you can create a cylinder from a circle or a box from a rectangle.

To add thickness, select the object and open the Properties palette. Choose the Thickness property and change the number in the […]

AutoCAD tutorial: Draw 3D walls with polysolids

Polysolids are like 3D polylines that come with a thickness. You can use them to quickly create walls based on a 2D floor plan. The result is a swept solid. You can also draw polysolids without a 2D floor plan, by just specifying points, but here I use existing objects as a basis. Follow these […]