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Tutorial: Create cool curves with splines in AutoCAD

Splines are mathematically-defined curves. They are an important basis for 3D modeling, but they are useful in 2D as well.

Note: Splines were significantly updated in AutoCAD 2011.

There are 2 methods for creating splines:

Fit Points: You specify fit points, which are on the spline (by default). Control Points: You specify the control points, […]

Close an arc to make a circle or ellipse; connect splines

Starting with AutoCAD 2006, you can use the JOIN command to join objects that are colinear, meaning that they’re along the same line. Usually, you use JOIN to join lines or polylines. For example, you may have broken a line and now you need it whole again. The command fills in gaps, if necessary.

You […]

Divide up a polyline or spline

Ever need to place an object evenly along a polyline or spline? For example, you may want to divide a plat into equal sections or 40′ sections. For whatever reason, you can do this easily using the DIVIDE or MEASURE command.

These commands are especially useful when your object is a curvy polyline or spline […]