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Measure almost anything with the MEASUREGEOM command

The MEASUREGEOM command is fairly new (since AutoCAD 2010). It measures distance, radius, angle, area, and volume and replaces some older commands like AREA and DIST (although those commands still exist).

Choose Home tab> Utilities panel and then click the Measuregeom drop-down list. Then choose the option that you want to start the MEASUREGEOM command.

Here is what you can measure:

Distance: You get a prompt for two points. When you specify them, you get a result like this, showing you not only the distance, but also the angle in the XY plane, angle from the XY plane (for 3D), and delta (change) of X, Y, and Z.


Radius:  You’re prompted to select an arc or circle. MEASUREGEOM shows you the radius and diameter.

Angle: You’re prompted to select an arc, circle, or line, or press Enter to specify the vertex of the angle. If you select an arc, you see its included angle. If you select a circle, specify the first point of the desired angle, then the second angle endpoint. If you select a line, then select a second line.

Area:  Specify the first corner point and then subsequent adjacent points, going around the area and press Enter for the total. If you have a closed object, you can use the Object suboption. You can use the Add Area suboption to keep a running total or the Subtract Area suboptions to remove areas. The Arc suboption finds the area of an arc, by assuming that the endpoints are joined by a line. The Area option also provides the perimeter for closed areas, the length for open areas, and the circumference for circles.

Volume:  Specify the first corner point and then subsequent adjacent points, going around the area on the XY plane, and press Enter to get the total. Then enter a height. You can use the Object suboption; you can select a 2D object and specify a height. Like with the Area option, you can add and subtract volumes.

Type x and press Enter to end the command.

Ellen Finkelstein

8 comments to Measure almost anything with the MEASUREGEOM command

  • lucas

    I just had autocad 2012 installed in my office. for 2010 and 2011, i was very happy to have the dynamic input turned off, but the measuregeom function would still display the live distance as i was measuring things. with 2012, i can no longer view the measured distance until the second click, and only in the menubar. any idea how to turn the function back on to see the distance as i measure?

  • Joseph Munyendo - Kenya

    Have to say I am very grateful for the knowledge you are sharing . The Autocad Tips have been very helpful to me and work colleagues. I will keep looking forward to the next tip.

  • Arcantos

    Thank you very much sharing such valuable commands.

  • George

    I am learning quite fast.

  • Robert

    I have noticed that at times if you use the measuregeom command with it set to degrees and then also use the angle dimension on two lines it will give you different results even though you are comparing apples with apples.

  • Benoit

    MEASUREGEOM (AutoCAD 2013) produces a false result when measuring arc angles if, when formatting units, angles are set to display as “Surveyor’s Units” instead of “Degrees, Minutes, Seconds”.
    The displayed arc angle will be 90 degrees off the actual arc angle.
    Anybody know how to get it to display the correct arc angle without resetting the angular units each time?
    Thanks for the Tips Blog!

  • Amir

    I measured the same area , once in a 2d drawing and then in a 3d SE view,(area, and measuregeom commands..)
    and to my suprise , ,,
    got two different measurements..
    where the 3d measurement was 1.65 precent larger..
    Any idea of how to fix this.

    Thanks !!!

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