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Match properties

An object can have a lot of properties and sometimes you want one object to have the same properties as another object. Here are 3 tools that you can use to get the job done quickly.

Match Properties

The MATCHPROP command has been around a long time and lets you easily copy properties from one object to another. Watch it in action.

Match a layer only

If you want to match a layer and nothing else, you can use the LAYERMCH command, which is available in recent releases of AutoCAD and as an Express Tool in earlier releases. Be careful, because it works differently from MATCHPROP. Watch the video.

Create a new object that is like an existing object

A new command for AutoCAD 2011 is the ADDSELECTED command, which creates a new object with the same properties as an existing one. To see how it works, watch the video.

Do you have any other methods of copying properties?

Ellen Finkelstein

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