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Find drawings by specifying drawing properties

If you have LOTS of drawings and want an easier way to find them, you can give them properties that you can search for using Windows Explorer. You can even create custom properties. You’re supposed to be able to search for these properties in the Design Center and Content Explorer, but neither one […]

Maintain standards by returning objects to ByLayer settings

You’ve certainly heard the principle that you should use layers to give objects properties. When you create a layer, you give that layer a

Color Linetype Lineweight Transparancy Plotstyle

Also, for 3D drawings, you can apply a material to a layer with the MATERIALATTACH layer.

But it is all too easy to make an exception […]

Match properties

An object can have a lot of properties and sometimes you want one object to have the same properties as another object. Here are 3 tools that you can use to get the job done quickly.

Match Properties

The MATCHPROP command has been around a long time and lets you easily copy properties from one […]