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Create a custom command and add a keyboard shortcut for a real time saver

Custom commands can really make your work go more quickly. Even if they save only a fraction of a second, they make you feel like you’re saving time — that extra smoothness is very satisfying!

Here’s one that I like. It creates a 1-segment line. Yes, I could press Enter to end the LINE command, but since I often create just one line segment, it’s nice not to have to do that extra step.

autocad-tips-custom-command-keyboard-shortcut-1Here’s the 1LINE command that I created. Yup, it’s pretty simple!

^C^C_line \\;

(The underscore before “line” allows for translation and isn’t necessary most of the time.)

The backslashes pause for you to specify the start and end points of the line. The semi-colon ends the command. I have an old tip on ways to end the LINE command quickly here.

I explain how to create a custom command here.

When you combine a custom command with a keyboard shortcut (I explain how here), you have something powerful.

I use Shift+1 to execute my 1LINE custom command.

What custom commands do you use and how do you access them?

Do you have a favorite command? Please share it and how you execute it.

Ellen Finkelstein

2 comments to Create a custom command and add a keyboard shortcut for a real time saver

  • Ray Thompson

    Hope this isn’t too long, these are some from my *.pgp file:
    bm, *battman
    bp, *bpoly
    bu, *burst
    ca, *classiclayer
    ci, *classicimage
    cx, *classicxref
    cs, *chspace
    d, *dist
    ci, *classicimage
    cx, *classicxref
    cs, *chspace
    d, *dist
    dm, *dimstyle
    dp, *dwgprops
    dv, *divide
    et, *extrim
    evv, *elevation
    ev, *elev
    fd, *find
    ft, *filter
    ic, *imageclip
    if, *imageframe
    iu, *insunits
    lm, *limits
    mp, *matchprop
    mu, *multiple
    oo, *oops
    pn, *plan
    pd, *ddptype
    pg, *polygon
    pgs, *pagesetup
    rc, *rectang
    rf, *refedit
    -rf, *-refedit
    rvc, *revcloud
    ri, *reinit
    rn, *rename
    -rn, *-rename
    wo, *wipeout
    xt, *extend

  • Nathan

    I use xx for burst. That way my left hand doesn’t have to leave the keyboard. x for explode, xx for burst.

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