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Create a custom keyboard shortcut

Would you like to create a keyboard shortcut to your favorite command-option combination? For example, I would like a version of the COPY command that doesn’t repeat, that is, that ends after one copy operation. Here are the steps:

    1. Enter cui to open the Customize User Interface dialog box.
    2. In the Command List pane, click the New button.
    3. In the Properties pane, you can now specify your new command. Enter a name and a macro. If the macro is long, click the Ellipsis button at the right side of the Macro text box to open the Long String Editor. My macro was^C^C_select;\_copy;_previous;;\\;;
    4. In the Customizations In All Files pane at the top, expand Partial CUI Files, then Custom, then Keyboard Shortcuts, so you can see the Shortcut Keys item.

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    1. Find your new command in the Command List pane (it’s listed under the name you gave it and a tip is to choose Custom Commands from the drop-down list in that pane) and drag it to the Shortcut Keys item in the top pane.
    2. Click the command where it appears in the top pane. Its Properties pane now shows a Key(s) item. Click that item and then click its Ellipsis button. The Shortcut Keys dialog box opens.

  1. Press the shortcut key combination you want to use and you can see if it’s unassigned — or assigned to something you never use. Generally, it has to start with Ctrl, Ctrl+Shift, or Shift. Click OK.
  2. Click OK to close the Customize User Interface dialog box.
  3. Try out your new shortcut!

Note: For information on how to create a custom command, see this tip.

What keyboard shortcuts do you use? Leave a comment! Please also explain what they do, in case it isn’t obvious to everyone.

Ellen Finkelstein

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