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What’s the best mouse for AutoCAD?

Do you ever want to know the best mouse for AutoCAD? I asked subscribers and readers like you and these 6 specific mice were the ones that were most recommended. They include programmable, 3D and compact mice. And a trackball. See what might work for you!


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1. Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse

High-precision trackball features a comfortable thumb-controlled design that is ideal for extended right-handed or left-handed use. Large trackball improves control while reducing hand and wrist motion. Fingertip control allows fast, accurate cursor movement. Marble optical technology delivers smooth, ultra-precise tracking. Customize buttons with included MouseWare software. WebWheel software optimizes Web browsing. PC and Mac compatible Trackman Wheel includes a USB to PS/2 adapter.

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2. 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator Compact 3D Mouse

Compact and ultra-light, SpaceNavigator for Notebooks is the perfect travel companion for 3D designers and enthusiasts. Designed for mobile professionals and enthusiasts, the compact SpaceNavigator for Notebooks is only half the weight of its desktop counterpart. A small footprint makes it easy to use-even on airline trays-and a travel case makes transport effortless.


3. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball

This hand-friendly wireless trackball lets you work and play wherever you want. No mouse to move around. No tricky keypad leaving your hand feeling cramped. Just roll the ball with your thumb and click.


4. Evoluent VerticalMouse 
A fellow AutoCAD user said, “I love my Evoluent Vertical Mouse (been using it for two or three years now). Much easier on the wrist than the conventional hand-over-the-top-of-the-mouse style. I use the corded one. I don’t install the software, just plug it in and use it normal like (so no conflicts with my other software).”
It comes in 3 sizes, wired or wireless, and is available for left- and right-handers.


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5. Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse with 250 Hour Battery Life
One newsletter subscriber likes that he’s allowed to program all the 11 mouse buttons with keys and macros.

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6. Logitech MX500 Optical Mouse

From the Amazon product description: It’s the mouse you have to experience to believe! From here on in, you’ll control your computer with ultimate precision. With its powerful MX optical engine, the MX500 responds to even your fastest movements instantly. Wide choice of button assignments and control adjustments

Do you have a favorite mouse to use with AutoCAD? Leave a comment! If you can add an Amazon link, that will help others buy it from a reliable source.


Ellen Finkelstein

14 comments to What’s the best mouse for AutoCAD?

  • DirkM

    My personal preference in a mouse to work with is the Logitech G2 (with 2 thumb buttons, the blue one), after 7 or 8 years it’s still good, accurate and functional. Form-wise it’s the same as the MX500/518/G400 but with a tilting wheel for sidescrolling.

  • I love my MX500, and several of its predecessors . Wireless doesn’t really make sense for me on a desktop. I’ve tried the spaceNavigator, but didn’t really work for me. Generally I found that autocad users who rely on the CLI don’t tend to like the spaceNavigator. With the advent of transparent orbit or orbit shortcuts mapped to a mouse button, and highly tuned command shortcuts, you’ll rarely have to move your hands from the mouse and keyboard. In my opinion, users who do not heavily use autocad’s CLI have more to gain from a 3D mouse, I’ve seen this with users of Inventor and Solidworks. Friends who use CATIA and NX tell me the same thing.

  • Giles

    Being left handed I’m limited in my choices, however I find little to fault with my current mouse a Logitech MX310. Sadly they stopped making these years ago, and I cannot find a current model that offers a robust and tidy design with a thumb button I can use with my left hand.

  • SeattleJoe

    Like Giles, I mouse with my left hand, and agree that choices are severely limited when it comes to finding a programmable mouse that a leftie can use. I’ve had a Logitech V400 for a few years now, and am needing to replace it. But, alas, with what???

  • Jason

    I’ve worked in autocad since 1997. The use of multiple mouse buttons for common commands like move, copy, trim, extend, erase, etc. greatly increased my productivity and I am well versed and use the keyboard as well. I’ve recently gotten a Logitech G502 and can’t say enough good about it. The button placement is great. The ability to asign 11 buttons helps me minimize my keyboard inputs. I’ve had plenty of mice over the years but this one really seems to do all I expect of it. The scroll wheel took some getting used to. The ability to manipulate the weight/balance is a nice feature, but it’s kind of heavy without adding them(i like a hefty mouse to begin with though). All in all I can’t be more pleased.

  • Gerard Payet

    I’ve used the “Penguin Mouse” purchased from the last 3 years now and am extremely happy with it. One major advantage with it is that is it ambidextrous in teh sense that one button changes it from left to right hand operation. I only use right hand configuration though as I switch hands all pending on how bad my pains are. 20 years of CAD does tend to leave a trace….!

  • Thanks for the recommendation! Here’s a link for people in the United States to get it from

  • Hans Kretschmer

    Is there recommended mouse for working in AutoCAD on an Apple machine? I’m working remotely from a pc to my apple os x10.10 and am having trouble w/ the mouse settings on a Logitech M510.

  • […] book and Microsoft MVP (most valued professional) has shared her preferred mouse for CAD users in this article which is based on recommendations of her subscribers and blog […]

  • I just love the 3D connexion spacenavigator compact mouse and I’ll definitely buy. Thanks for sharing the helpful info. Coz, I was confused from many days to select new innovative mouse.

  • I discover little to blame with my present mouse a Logitech M570. Tragically they quit making these years prior, and I can’t locate a present model that offers a hearty and clean plan with a thumb button I can use with my left hand.

  • Simply put, the CAD Mouse from 3DConnexion. It’s the only mouse specifically designed with the CAD User as the primary target.

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