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Use dynamic UCS to speed up 3D drawing

One of the awkward parts about 3D drawing is the fact that you need to constantly change the XY plane. In the past, the only way to do this was to create a new UCS using the UCS command.

Since 2007, however, you can use the dynamic UCS feature, which makes the process of drawing on a plane other than the XY plane much easier. The dynamic UCS creates a temporary XY plane so you can draw or edit on that plane.

dynamic UCS buttonDynamic UCS works only on solids. You turn it on by clicking the Allow/Disallow Dynamic UCS button on the status bar (or by pressing F6). If you find that the dynamic UCS feature sometimes interferes with your work, you can override it temporarily by pressing Shift+Z during an operation.

When you determine that you need to draw on a face of a solid object that’s not on the XY plane, follow these steps:

  1. Start a command. The commands you can use are 2D and 3D drawing commands, text commands, INSERT, XATTACH, editing commands, and grip-editing.
  2. Pass the cursor over the face of a solid. You see a dashed border, as shown here, defining the new, temporary plane.
  3. Then complete your command.

Here, I created a cylinder in the side of the table and finished it off by subtracting the cylinder from the box.

Ellen Finkelstein

6 comments to Use dynamic UCS to speed up 3D drawing

  • CADLearner

    Autocad 2013 seems to have all the new features where it will know which plane you’d like to draw by just move your cursor over that plane. So you don’t have to switch or turn or disable your UCS anymore.

  • tom

    Ive recently upgraded from 2008 to 2013…and it seems there are issues with the ucs config, or im not understanding how it works. For example…when working in an ortagonal view the snaps dont always seem to work, however in an isometric view they do?…I constantly have to change the ucs everytime i switch views (top, bottom, ect.), and yes I have my DUCS on? any insight would be very helpful

  • Ellen

    Perhaps check the UCSFOLLOW system variable? But I’m not aware that the default (0) has changed.

  • Mary

    i saw a video and the guy moved the ucs axis and used them to draw a line. i want to know how he did it. he first typed ucs, then face, selected the object face he wanted but the thing that wasnt clear was how he moved the ucs and drew a line

  • Éngr.yusuf o akeem

    Pls if you guys can actually hlp me on this I will bw glad. I have been trying to use solidedit-face-move to create a 3D roof but the respond on the command line is GAP CANNOT BE FILLED pls a kind of help.

  • Imran Ali

    Hi Mary
    can you send me that video? i also want to watch that video

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