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Plot to a scale from model space

Recently, a reader asked how to plot to a specific scale from model space.

Ordinarily, I recommend plotting from paper space. You have better tools there for laying out your drawing and inserting a title block. But you can also plot from model space. In fact, this is the original method for plotting in AutoCAD, […]

Know what your plot will look like when you use plot styles

Here is a guest blog post from Paul Munford.

Did you know that you can set AutoCAD up to show you exactly how your plot will look, even before you Preview it? (You can click the Preview button in the Plot dialog box to preview your plot.)

It’s easy – when you know how. […]

Layout and plotting tips for AutoCAD

Almost everyone needs to plot or print drawings. Here are some tips for working with layouts and plotting. Please leave a comment with your own tips so we can have a great plotting resource all in one place!

(Thanks to Jozef2011 for the image, found at

Working with layouts To see what is on […]

Save plot settings to a layout

When you set up a plot in the Plot dialog box, you can save your settings to the Model tab or any layout tab. In the Plot dialog box, check the Save Changes to Layout check box. Then, the next time you plot from the same tab (Model or layout), the default settings will be […]