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Easily import text and dimension styles from other drawings

There’s no reason to recreate the wheel – or text or dimension styles, if you have them elsewhere. The easiest way to import a text or dimension style from another drawing is to use the DesignCenter.

Follow these steps:

Go to the View tab then locate DesignCenter icon under the Palettes section or simply type […]

Defining alternate dimension units in AutoCAD

The dimension measurements in your drawing use a specific unit, whether millimeters, inches, or something else. But it’s common to need to show a second unit — perhaps a metric measurement if you’re using inches, or vice versa.

You define an alternate measurement on the Alternate Units tab of the Dimension Style dialog box. For […]

Keep your own styles, layers & blocks at the top of the list

You’re always creating styles — text, dimension, etc. — layers, and blocks. But when you open the Layer Properties Manager or any other list with these items, they are alphabetized. Especially if you’re sharing drawings with others who add their own styles, layers, and blocks, what can you do to make it easier to find […]

How to create a text style for a dimension

You should have at least 1 text style for your dimensions and perhaps a text style for each dimension style.

When you create a dimension style, you can create a text style from within the New Dimension Style dialog box. On the Text tab, click the Ellipsis button as shown here.

The Text Style […]

How to print a list of dimension styles

A list of dimension styles is helpful. The plain list doesn’t list the properties of each dimension style, because each style has so many system variables. You can list the settings of any individual style, though. But you can do even better; you can list compare the settings of two dimension styles. Comparing dimension styles […]

Create a dimension style on the fly

Dimension styles are a great way to organize and manage your dimensions. Usually, you use the DIMSTYLE command (Dimension>Dimension Style or Annotate tab> Dimensions> Dimension Style).

But you can quickly create a new dimension style from an existing dimension with the Properties palette. Select a dimension and display the Properties palette.

All the properties of […]