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Getting back the R14 full-screen cursor

AutoCAD 2000 sets the default for the cursor at 5% of the screen. Many people like the old full-screen cursor. Abdul Nazar emails from India that you can change the cursor using this prompt.

Command: cursorsize Enter new value for CURSORSIZE <5>: 100

You can also choose Tools>Options and click the Display tab. There you […]

Let AutoCAD do the math

There are several ways you can let AutoCAD do some quick arithmetic for you when you need a distance. Let’s say you’re drawing a line and you want to use direct distance entry to specify the length. What you know is that that line should be 4.372 plus 3.925. Of course, you could use a […]

Automatically follow a linear dimension with a continued dimension

Ted Harris e-mailed me an AutoLISP routine that he uses to follow a linear dimension with a continued dimension. He notes, “one rarely enters one Dim, at least in a production environment.” I’ve updated his solution for recent versions of AutoCAD.

(defun c:dlc () (command “_dimlinear” pause pause pause) (command “_dimcontinue”) )

Add this to […]

Dimension an arc length

AutoCAD 2005 and earlier doesn’t have a way to dimension arc length, but Leonid Nemirovsky has come up with an AutoLISP routine that dimensions arc lengths very nicely. You can download it here.

Here’s the result:

Leonid has many, many more AutoLISP routines on his site, Better Than Nothing AutoLISP.

AutoCAD 2006 and later […]

Use the command line to launch programs

You may know that you can start certain Windows programs from the command line. These programs are in the acad.pgp file that defines aliases for commands. The first section has aliases for Windows commands.

To edit this file and add more commands, choose Tools > Customize > Edit Program Parameters. Notepad opens the acad.pgp file. […]

Switch between Imperial and metric measurements

If you usually draw using Imperial measurements (feet and inches), you may sometimes want to enter a length in metric units. For example, if you’re designing a house in the United States, you may have certain items that were imported from Europe and are measured in millimeters or centimeters. It might be easier to be […]

Loading AutoLISP programs quickly

A quick way to load an AutoLISP program is to drag it from Windows Explorer onto AutoCAD‘s drawing area. (Position the Windows Explorer window so you can see the AutoCAD drawing area or drag onto the AutoCAD taskbar button, wait until AutoCAD displays and then drag onto the drawing area.) You can even drag […]