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Organize files in Windows to mimic the Today file listing

Some of you may remember the Today feature of AutoCAD 2002, which was a front-end window that allowed you to open existing files, create new files, and so on. One of its views was an alphabetical list of files, separated by the first letter of their name. Another was a listing by date.

Today quickly disappeared (and became yesterday), but some people missed this listing as a way to quickly find files. Kent Elrod, of Sumco Phoenix Corp. sent in this tip that explains how to organize files similarly in Windows XP.

When you’re ready to open a drawing, you choose File > Open to get the Select Drawing dialog box. Place the cursor over some white space in the area where the files are listed, right-click, and choose Arrange Icons By > Show in Groups. If the files weren’t already sorted by name, click the Name header. (If you don’t have any headers, click Views at the upper-right corner of the dialog box and choose Details.)

To see the files by date, click the Date Modified heading.

Kent notes that you can do this in Windows Explorer as well, and click on any header to sort by that header.

Ellen Finkelstein

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