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Move an object the same displacement as previously by pressing Enter 3 times

When you use the displacement method of moving an object, AutoCAD remembers that displacement for the next move.

What is the displacement method? At the Specify base point or [Displacement] <Displacement>:  prompt, you specify the X, Y coordinates. For example, you might type 0,4 to move the selected object up 4 units.

Want to move another object up 4 units?

Start the MOVE command and select the object. Now press Enter 3 times:

  • The 1st time ends selection
  • The 2nd time choose the displacement option at the Specify base point or [Displacement] <Displacement>: prompt.
  • The 3rd time moves the object the same displacement as the last time. For example, the prompt might look read Specify displacement <0.0000, 4.0000, 0.0000>:

AutoCAD moves the object up 4 units. Very simple!

And yes, you can do the same with the COPY command, but displacements that you use for MOVE aren’t saved to the COPY command and vice versa.


Ellen Finkelstein

1 comment to Move an object the same displacement as previously by pressing Enter 3 times

  • Patrick

    Nice basic trick that is worth repeating.
    I give two suggestions on where this is useful:
    “Lost sheep” how often have you selected 29 or 31 objects in a lose grouping (not worth making a block) Now that they are exposed it is easy to grab them an d say “put them next to the others.” Also works for the copy – as you say.

    “Poor Man’s 3dArray command” (INAMCPJTOTAG)
    I love the array command, but don’t do much 3D so not as familiar with the 3Darray command. It doesn’t have that same friendly dialog box that lets you see the result and fix mistakes. Familiar with copy – you can build your 3D structure with regular or irregular spacing (not all rows,columns,levels are always filled in.) one at a time to get the 3D offsets correct – then go to 3Darray if you want.

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