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How to trim objects quickly

When you trim objects, the first prompt asks you for a cutting edge. Gerardo Martinez e-mailed me a reminder that you can press Enter (or right-click, depending on your right-click settings) to specify all objects as potential cutting edges.

Then you just select the part of the object that you want to trim and AutoCAD automatically trims it at the closest possible cutting edge.

So remember:

  1. Start the TRIM command
  2. At the Select cutting edges … Select objects or <select all>: prompt, press Enter.
  3. Select the object(s) to trim.

There’s another shortcut for trimming objects—the EXTRIM command. EXTRIM lets you choose an object and then one side of the object. Here are the steps:

  1. Type extrim on the command line.
  2. At the Pick a POLYLINE, LINE, CIRCLE, ARC, ELLIPSE, IMAGE or TEXT for cutting edge: prompt, select one of the listed objects.
  3. At the Specify the side to trim on: prompt, pick on one side of the selected object.

What tips do you have for trimming objects? Leave a comment!

Ellen Finkelstein

32 comments to How to trim objects quickly

  • Sara Prower

    Start the TRIM command
    Enter twice
    Anything is trimmable as long as it intersects

  • admin

    Actually, using the Trim’s Extend option, you can trim objects that don’t intersect, but would intersect if the cutting edge were extended.

  • Cliff Turne

    For Trimming, if you select a polyline as the cutting edge,then Enter, if you pick any segment of that Polyline, that segment will disappear. The Polyline can trim itself!

  • saber

    i tried extrim in autocad2012 there is no command with this name

  • admin

    That’s strange–it works for me. I tested it in 2012 and just checked again. You tried typing it on the command line?

  • Ganesh Shetty

    Yes Admin is right ,May be He Typed Wrong word in Command Line
    @saber Check your software properly (extrim works with Express Tools)

  • Megan

    How do you unblock blocked objects so they can be trimmed?

  • Ellen

    If you have any recent version of AutoCAD, you can open it in the Block Editor (BEDIT) and trim it there.

  • Rox

    To trim and extend any lines to any lines in a drawing (and have that set as the permanent default), type EDGEMODE in at the command line and set the value to 1.

  • E Andrade

    I need to trim several objects inside different polygons, can anyone tell me if that is possible? i started using MAPTRIM but it only let me select one polygon at a time and i have thousands of them. i’ll appreciate the help 🙂

  • rukailah

    you can also use the shortcut for trim. you just have to type tr…then select the edges then enter…..then select the line that you want to trim!

  • Dave M

    Is there a variable to amend the gap when trimming an object using text?

  • A

    How about :


    right click

    trim or extend

    use shift to alternate trim or extend ???


  • hitesh

    how to trim 3d walls?

  • Peter in Cumbria

    There appears to be no EXTRIM in LT
    But using trim and select all works – and will save me hours selecting each line individually


  • Pancho via

    I am having problem with the trim command only in 3D autocad 2013, it does work
    another problem is inventor fusion keeps popping up freezing the software for seconds,

    How do I solve these two problems

  • gerardo g martinez

    OTHER WAY TO TRIM FAST:After enter TRIM right click on an empty space , and just select what you want to trim.And thankyou very much.

  • Steve W

    @gerardo g martinez

    Thanks Gerado….that’s a real neat tip.

  • MongoGrubb

    I love this command and have a problem with it bogging down due to lack of a local file on my hard drive (it is remote located on a server a state away.) Is there any way to make it work faster in this scenario beyond going to a document management software?


  • Adam Flaw

    What happened with the EXTRIM command with the 2014 Autocad? When I type in this command it comes back unknown command?


  • Shkid

    you can use :


  • JoistDetailer

    Is there a tolerance setting for the EXTRIM command? I am using AutoCAD2014 and this command works well unless the lines are less than 2″ past the line I am trimming to.

  • Job

    thanks admin and every one for your tips.

  • Juan

    Excuse for my English. My languaje is Spanish.
    I have this problem: There are two lines join in a corner. When I try to move one of them by a lisp program selecting the joined point, it selects one of them, but I need to move the other one. What should I do?

  • can any one tell me o how trim are extend a object which is under block & in Layer.???like a line??

  • Rizwan

    for trim or extend command when it was in block, first you have to xplode it. or you can double click to any block for edit block , and you can trim it.

    for explode type x enter then select object and then enter, the block will explode.

  • priyan

    I am trying to find an easier way to trim two double lines crossing each other at right-angle. I want to trim the 4 cross-lines, so that it will look like a 2-way-road intersection. Can someone help me with AutoCAD command that can do it in one go?

  • Hans Graveman

    Priyan use the F for fence option and pick 4 points crossing the to be trimmed lines

  • kriti

    when u select trim,then select corner,prompt then click, some times it trims and some time it doesn’t. Why.I have just started learning

  • Jensie

    Hi, I often use the “TR” and right-click command in autocad, but all of a sudden this doesn’t work anymore. The command bar forces me to make a decision :S :S, I already restored all my autocad setting, but it still does the same… What happened?



  • Priyanka Maheshwari

    Absolutely Correct✔ .This is much easier method .

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