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Draw a donut (yum!) in AutoCAD

A donut looks like a wide circle with a hole in it but is actually made up of 2 semi-circle polylines. You can use donuts for electronic schematics, as trees or bushes, or as symbols.

autocad-tips-draw-a-donut-1Here are the steps to create a donut:

  1. Choose Home tab and expand the Draw panel to find the DONUT command, or type donut.
  2. At the Specify inside diameter of donut <2.0000>:  prompt, type the diameter of the hole. To create a filled circle, type 0. The command remembers your previous diameter and uses it as the default.
  3. At the Specify outside diameter of donut <4.0000>: prompt, type the diameter of the entire donut.
  4. At the Specify center of donut or <exit>: prompt, place the donut by specifying where you want its center to go.
  5. The command repeats automatically, so the next prompt is Specify center of donut or <exit>: Continue to specify center points or press Enter to end the command.

Fun fact: You can type doughnut to start this commend.

What do you use donuts for? Or, did you use donuts in the past and replace them with something else? leave a comment to share your experience!

Ellen Finkelstein

3 comments to Draw a donut (yum!) in AutoCAD

  • james Welsh

    Donuts do not have to have a hole. Just use 0 for an inside width.
    These can be used to represent rebar cross sections. We have a block
    library called rebar and in the library, we have blocks r1 thru r18 defined
    and each block is a rebar cross section drawn at the correct size. Put
    these calls in a pop menu or tool palette and you always have the correct
    size rebar section at your finger tips for insertion.

  • Wallace

    I have worked for companies that use this if they want to show a solid color circle. Just specify the outside diameter and set the inside diameter at .010 or so. The other alternative is to draw a circle and hatch with the SOLID pattern. DONUT is easier.

    I can’t remember the exact application but I remember using it a lot when drawing valve symbols for Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams.

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