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Create a rectangle with an adjustable corner, Part 2: Using a dynamic block

In a previous post, “Create a rectangle with a flexible corner,” I showed how to create a rectangle whose upper-right corner is stretchable, creating a flexible rectangle that doesn’t lose its shape. In this post, I show how to do the same with a dynamic block.

Thanks to Joel, whose comment to the earlier post helped me figure this out. Watch the video–it’s under 2 minutes.

Ellen Finkelstein

10 comments to Create a rectangle with an adjustable corner, Part 2: Using a dynamic block

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  • Victor Jammal

    I liked very much I want to try to make it stretch from the four corners. Do you think it’s possible. It didn’t work with me from the first trial. I’ll try again
    victor Jammal

  • Del King

    Hi Ellen, I was at one of your shows in Vegas 2 years ago, you showed as a LSP that you had to fill in the drawing Properties, i.e. the custom bit, so you can use it for your fields.
    would it be pos you send it to me or send a link so i could downe load it

  • admin

    Himm, I don’t remember that. At Autodesk University a couple of years ago, I taught a class on Visual Styles. A couple of years before that on 3D for Newbies. Sorry.



  • admin

    It’s playing for me. Try viewing it directly on YouTube at

  • Brad

    I am trying to make something similar. I need 2 polylines, drawn like an X with N/A in the middle. Using the XY parameter and one grip works, however the text of “N/A” does not stay at the mid points of the 2 polylines. How can I force the text to always be at the mid points?

  • Brad,

    After you have the dynamic rectangle with the lines forming an “X” and the “N/A” text centered, turn on text background masking to make sure the text is readable, and make sure the justification of the text is Middle-Center.

    To make sure the text stays centered, do the following in the Block Editor.

    1. Open the block in the block editor.
    2. Select the text.
    3. In the “Geometric Constraints” panel, select “Coincident”.
    4. Using the Snap Overrides, pick “Intersection” and select the intersection of the crossing lines of the “X”.
    5. Then using the snap override “Insert” select the insert point for the text.
    6. Save the block.
    7. Test the block.

    If done correctly, the text will stay centered in the box when you resize it.

    There may be other methods to accomplish this, but this is how I did it.


  • Victor Sacramento

    Thanks for the tip…

  • Jürgen Palme

    @Victor Jammal:
    Yes, it is possible.
    In this video you can see how to do it.

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