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Squeeze or stretch single-line text to fit in a space with TEXTFIT

The TEXTFIT command lets you easily squeeze or stretch existing single-line text (TEXT or DTEXT) so you can fit it into a defined space, such as a title block.

TEXTFIT doesn’t work with multi-line text (MTEXT).

When you start the command, you select the single-line text and TEXTFIT puts a drag-line under the text. Just […]

Stretch a circle with grips and specify the radius or change in radius

You can easily stretch a circle with grips. To specify the new radius, just enter it on the command line (or in the Dynamic Input tooltip). But suppose the information you have is the difference between the two radii?

For example, let’s say that your circle’s radius is 1.825 and you know that you have […]

Create a rectangle with an adjustable corner, Part 2: Using a dynamic block

In a previous post, “Create a rectangle with a flexible corner,” I showed how to create a rectangle whose upper-right corner is stretchable, creating a flexible rectangle that doesn’t lose its shape. In this post, I show how to do the same with a dynamic block.

Thanks to Joel, whose comment to the earlier post […]