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3D Tutorial: Draw a glass

This tutorial will create a drinking glass. I used the measurements of one that I had in my kitchen. I recommend using the 3D Drafting workspace

  1. Draw a circle with a radius of 1.25.autocad-tips-draw-a-glass-1
  2. On the View tab, click the Views drop-down and choose SE Isometric.
  3. Start the EXTRUDE command. Select the circle and end selection.
  4. Choose the Taper Angle option.
  5. Enter -5 for the taper angle. You use a negative number to taper outward.
  6. Enter 5.5 for the height of the extrusion

The results looks like a glass, as you see on the left. (I’ve changed the ISOLINES system variable to 8 to give it a nicer look.) But when you use the HIDE command on it, as you see on the right, you see that it’s a solid.

To create a glass, you use the Shell feature, which is part of the SOLIDEDIT command.

  1. On the Solid tab, in the Solid Editing panel, click the Shell button.autocad-tips-draw-a-glass-2
  2. Select your solid.
  3. At the Remove faces or [Undo/Add/ALL]: prompt, you need to remove the face that you don’t want to shell. For a glass, it’s the top face, because you want that face to remain open. In a view like the one above, you just click inside the top face of the solid.
  4. The prompt repeats; just press Enter.
  5. Enter 3/32 for the shell offset distance.
  6. Press Enter twice to exit the command. (If you find that you removed the wrong face, use the Shell option of the SOLIDEDIT command and try again.

Here’s the result, with some shading.

Now, all you need is some water!

Ellen Finkelstein

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