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Keep blocks accessible so you can insert them in any drawing–Part I: Tool Palettes

Blocks are an essential component of most drawings because they save time, increase accuracy, and reduce drawing size. Blocks are most useful when you use them many times, especially across drawings. Therefore, you need a way to access saved blocks that aren’t in your current drawing. In this tip, I’ll discuss the first of 4 […]

Use tool palettes to save and place user-defined hatch patterns

If you create user-defined hatches, which means that you specify the angle and spacing, you may want to save them for future use. You can easily do this using a tool palette.

First, create the user-defined hatch. In the Hatch and Gradient dialog box (or on the Hatch Creation tab in AutoCAD 2011), choose User-Defined […]

Add commands to tool palettes from the CUI dialog box in AutoCAD 2007

As you probably know, you can add commands to a tool palette. Before AutoCAD 2007, you could only do this by choosing Tools > Customize > Tool Palettes to open the Customize dialog box. Then you could drag commands from toolbar buttons.

Now, you can also drag commands from the Customize User Interface dialog […]