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15 Ways to Access AutoCAD commands

This is a guest post by AutoCAD expert Edwin Prakoso. You can find this and other AutoCAD tips on his website here. Edwin Prakoso works as an Application Engineer in Jakarta, Indonesia. He’s been using AutoCAD since R14 and Revit since Revit Building 9. He occasionally writes for AUGIWorld magazine and is also active in the Autodesk discussion forum. He’s an Autodesk […]

Ditch dialog boxes with the command-line form of commands

Did you know that many commands have a variation that lets you execute them solely on the command line? This technique is great for creating script files and AutoLISP routines. For example, you can write a script file to plot your drawings.

The secret is to put a hyphen (-) before the command name. Here’s […]

Repeat an AutoCAD command automatically

You probably know that after you execute an AutoCAD command, you can press Enter to repeat it.

But it might be quicker to set a command to repeat automatically, if you know in advance that you’ll use it a number of times in a row.

Some commands repeat automatically. In a sense, the LINE command […]

Keep track of what you’ve done with COPYHIST

Thanks to Tommy Holden for this tip.

AutoCAD allows you to copy the command line history window to the clipboard by using the COPYHIST command. The command line history is the window just above the command line. This way you can keep track of previous commands already executed in case you want to:

Repeat what […]

Tutorial: Create a custom command

If you find yourself using the same combination of commands and options over and over, you can easily create a custom command that executes the combination with a click of a button or a menu item. In this tutorial, I explain the basics of AutoCAD’s menu syntax so that you can create your own commands. […]

Repeat previous commands

You certainly know that you can repeat the last command by pressing Enter or the spacebar.

However, many people don’t know that you can use the Up arrow to scroll through your previous commands in backwards order.

For example, suppose that you use the following commands:


Then you can do the following:


Changing the Multiple options of AutoCAD commands (or sometimes you feel like a multiple option, sometimes you don’t)

AutoCAD 2005 changed the COPY command so that it defaults to a multiple option, continuing to prompt you for more locations for your selected objects. On the other hand, the FILLET and CHAMFER commands now have a multiple option, but it isn’t the default. Would you like to change the COPY command back to […]

Add commands to tool palettes from the CUI dialog box in AutoCAD 2007

As you probably know, you can add commands to a tool palette. Before AutoCAD 2007, you could only do this by choosing Tools > Customize > Tool Palettes to open the Customize dialog box. Then you could drag commands from toolbar buttons.

Now, you can also drag commands from the Customize User Interface dialog […]