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How to print a list of dimension styles

A list of dimension styles is helpful. The plain list doesn’t list the properties of each dimension style, because each style has so many system variables. You can list the settings of any individual style, though. But you can do even better; you can list compare the settings of two dimension styles. Comparing dimension styles […]

Precisely control the size of OLE text and objects

When you paste content from another application into an AutoCAD drawing, the OLE Text Size dialog box opens.

AutoCAD picks up the font and point size and lets you convert text to your drawing’s units. Change the value in the Text Height box and click OK. AutoCAD adjusts the size of the text.

You […]

Creating fields that update automatically (for 2000-2004)

The new fields in AutoCAD 2005 make it easy to add text that updates automatically. For example, you can put today’s date, the sheet number, and Drawn By initials in your title block. However, if you don’t have 2005 but have Express Tools (they come with 2004 and you can purchase them for $149 if […]

Tutorials:Convert text to Mtext and vice versa

Text, also called single-line text, or Dtext, makes every line a separate object. It’s great for short annotation in a drawing. On the other hand, Mtext, also called multiline text, has more formatting options, and is better for larger amounts of text. Mtext is especially important if you need to create left and right margins […]

Tutorial: Use fields for titleblock text

If you insert titleblock text for your drawings, you know that keeping that text updated and accurate can be a chore. Also, many people place drawing numbers and names in more than one place in a drawing, requiring extra work.

You can use fields to automate the insertion of titleblock text – or any other […]

Create a shortcut to a template and workspace

You probably have a shortcut to AutoCAD on your desktop. If you do, you can customize how that shortcut works. You can even create several shortcuts and tell them to open AutoCAD in different ways. This is called using command-line switches.

First, select the shortcut and press Ctrl+C. Then press Ctrl+V to create a […]

Create contours from elevation points

Surveyors, land-use engineers, and architects often need to create contours that show the elevation of land. You can easily do this using the SPLINE command.

First, set an easily visible point style. Choose Home tab> Utilities panel drop-down, Point Style in the Drafting & Annotation workspace. (This is the DDPTYPE command or PDMODE system […]