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Keep blocks accessible so you can insert them in any drawing–Part IV: A block library

In previous posts, I explained how to insert blocks from the Tool Palettes window, the DesignCenter, and the Content Explorer. In this tip, I’ll explain how to create block library and use the INSERT command to insert blocks that are in that library.

You don’t need a special tool like the Tool Palette window, DesignCenter, […]

Dynamic blocks in AutoCAD–When and why?

I’ve written posts about how to create specific types of dynamic blocks and about some of their features, but I’ve never explained when and why you would use a dynamic block.

If you have a block library that contains variations on an object or component and you insert them at various scales and rotations angles, […]

Write blocks to save them as separate files

When you create a block in a drawing, you should think if it will be useful in other drawings.

You can access that block from other drawings using the DesignCenter or Content Explorer, but you’ll probably need to remember where the block was, in order to find it.

Instead, many people create block libraries, putting […]