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See current settings on the status bar

Would you like to see current settings for important system variables on tshe status bar? It looks like this:

It shows the date, DIMSCALE, LTSCALE, DIMSTYLE, and current UCS name (I named my UCS “anything“). You can put any system variable you like here. This code is in DIESEL.

; —- Mode Macro for status bar —

(setvar “modemacro”
“Date = $(edtime, $(getvar,tdupdate),M/D/YY) Dimscale = $(getvar,dimscale) LTscale = $(getvar,ltscale) Dimstyle = $(getvar,dimstyle) UCS = $(getvar,ucsname)”

Save this in your acad.lsp file. Then close AutoCAD (if it’s open) and open it again. That’s all there is to it!

If you don’t have an acad.lsp file, you can create it. Place it in the support file search path.

Thanks to Devon Middleditch, CAD Manager, Sydney Australia for this code. (I changed the format of the date in his code to “Americanize” it.)

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