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Properties palette: Work smarter by undoing changes within the palette

The Properties palette (Ctrl+1) is a great place to edit objects in many cases. When you double-click most objects, the Properties palette opens so that you can edit them. (Starting in AutoCAD 2012, the Quick Properties window opens instead.)

Note: There are exceptions, however. For example, if you double-click a polyline, the PEDIT command starts. You can use the CUI command to change what happens when you double-click an object.

When you make changes in the Properties palette, you can undo those changes by clicking the Undo button on the Standard (or Standard Annotation) toolbar. But that’s a separate step in a different location; more importantly, it undoes all the changes you made in the Properties palette. Instead, you can undo edits, one by one, directly in the Properties palette.

After making a number of changes, right-click in any free (unused) section of the Properties palette, as you see here. Any of the margins around the edge are fine. Then click Undo as many times as you want.

Ellen Finkelstein

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