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Change the scale of blocks and hatches in tool palettes

Tool palettes are a great way to store blocks and hatches for easy access when needed. But if you have only one instance of each block or hatch, you may find that the scale isn’t right and the block or hatch comes in at the wrong size.

For example, you may need to change the […]

Setting a system variable on the tool palette

You can adjust the dimension (the DIMSCALE system variable) or plot scale of a tool that you created by dragging a block, hatch, or xref from a drawing. To do so, right-click the tool and choose Properties. Click the Auxiliary Scale item. Then click the down arrow that appears at the right and choose either […]

Use the Dashboard to display a related tool palette

The Dashboard was introduced in AutoCAD 2007 for 2D tools and expanded in 2008 for 3D tools. Starting with 2008, it is also customizable.

The Dashboard has a little-known feature that lets you quickly display an associated tool palette. This tip works in both AutoCAD 2007 and 2008.

Each control panel (section) in the Dashboard […]