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Autofill AutoCAD table data like you do in Excel

You can auto-fill data in an AutoCAD table like you can in an Excel spreadsheet. This makes it easy to copy data along a row or column and to automatically create incremental data, such as consecutive numbers.

To auto-fill cell data, click in a cell that you’ve already filled with a value. Click and drag […]

Create a table on the fly from Excel data

You can create a complete table on the fly by importing data from Microsoft Excel.

Follow these steps:

Select the data in Excel and copy it to the Windows Clipboard. In AutoCAD, choose Home tab@@>Clipboard panel@@>Paste drop-down list@@>Paste Special. In the Paste Special dialog box, choose AutoCAD Entities and click OK. At the prompt, pick […]

AutoCAD tutorial: Create a cell style for a table

Since AutoCAD 2008, you can refine table styles with cell styles, which define formatting for table cells. A cell style is part of a table style, but has its own name. Follow these steps to create a cell style.

Choose Draw> Table or choose Home tab> Annotate panel> Table to open the Insert Table dialog […]

Add formulas to a table

You can add formulas to a table, so that it automatically calculates the following:

Sum Average Count (counts the cells in a column or row) Cell (displays the value of another cell) Equation (lets you manually insert a formula)

This makes the table work like a spreadsheet.

To add a formula, click outside the table […]