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Combine or subtract 2D shapes to create custom shapes

Sometimes you need to create a 2D profile that is a combination of the basic geometrical shapes that AutoCAD creates. While you might be able to use the PLINE command to create what you want, in some cases, 2 other methods may be easier.

Subtract shapes with the SUBTRACT command

For example, let’s say that […]

AutoCAD Tutorial: Create regions for mix-it-up, 2D/3D flexibility

A region is an interesting type of AutoCAD object. You can think of it as a 2D surface. Regions are always closed and they look like polylines, but AutoCAD can do some interesting things with regions, such as:

Calculate centroid, moments of inertia, and products of inertia Extrude them to create 3D solids Combine (UNION […]