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Using the Geometric Center object snap

The Geometric Center object snap is new for AutoCAD 2016. It seems to me that there hasn’t been a new object snap for a long time. Am I right? When do you think that last new object snap was introduced and what was it?

Now that the trivia contest is set, let’s get into it. It’s […]

Avoid drawing temporary construction lines

When you need to draw a rectangle or line that doesn’t start on a geometric point (endpoint, midpoint, etc.) of another object, you might draw a temporary line, called a construction line, from an existing object to the desired start point of the new line.

Then you would draw the rectangle or line. Then erase […]

Get lots of information about your drawing–all in one place–with this command

How many objects are in your drawing?

What are the limits and the extents of your drawing?

What are the running object snaps?

What’s the current elevation setting?

Is FILL on or off?

What’s the current linetype?

How much free space does your hard drive have?

How much memory is free?

How many places do […]

Temporarily override object snap settings

Object snap settings let you quickly choose geometric points on an object. For example, you can set up a running (ongoing) Endpoint object snap (osnap, for short), so that whenever you get near the endpoint of an object, you can snap to it.

But sometimes, object snaps get in the way, especially if you want […]