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Edit block attribute properties with BATTMAN

After you create a block with attributes and give the attributes specific values, you can edit block attribute properties with the Block Attribute Manager — the BATTMAN command. I explain how to create attributes (and why) in “Tutorial: Create attributes.” The attributes that you can edit are:

Tag name, prompt name, default value Prompt order […]

Editing the value of a block attribute

When you create and insert a block with attributes, you provide values for each of the attributes. But if you made a mistake or the value changes, you need to edit the attribute’s value. You use the EATTEDIT command for editing the value of a block attribute. Here are the steps:

Choose Insert, Block panel, […]

Move block attributes in an AutoCAD drawing

You can easily move block attributes so that they fit better in your AutoCAD drawing by grip-editing them.

Just follow these steps:

Select the block containing the attributes you want to move. You’ll see grips on each attribute. Click the grip of the attribute you want to move to make it hot (red). At the […]

Extract attributes and customize the database column headings

Attributes are labels that you apply to blocks. You can extract them to create a simple database that you can then view in Excel or place in your drawing as a table. You use the EATTEXT command.

When you use EATTEXT, the Attribute Extraction wizard starts. Page 3 of the wizard looks like this:


Tutorial: Create attributes

Attributes are tags, or labels, for blocks. You can use attributes to add any text to a block. For example, attributes are often used to fill in the text in a title block.

By placing the attributes where you want them in the title block, you can facilitate the entering of the text. […]

AutoCAD tutorial: Extract attributes

Blocks can contain attributes, which are labels with properties. For example, you can use attributes to attach price and manufacturer information to a block of an office chair.

Once you have the attributes, you can extract them to a simple database and open that database in Microsoft Excel, for example, or insert it as a […]