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3D Model in AutoCad – Using Revolve 3D Tool

3D model AutoCad - 3D screw

The revolve command or tool is a 3D modeling method that enables the user to create a solid following a certain path with a central axis, think of the ARRAY tool, only in three-dimension.

Let’s start by preparing the drawing by specifying crucial dimensions such as the inner and outer diameter of the threaded screw. Prepare the cross-section as well.

1. Open a new drawing. Insert the plan into the top view and cross-section. Make sure they are closed polylines and note the centerline or reference point for the object.
2. Switch to Elevation (Front) then adapt the UCS to snap the section into the inner diameter.
3. From there switch to 3d Isometric. Use the REVOLVE command. Click the Polyline (Elevation). Then trace the direction of the parallel axis line (vertical or horizontal) in the center. Enter 360 as the value of rotation. You now have a complete screw
4. Note that, the parts where there are hexagonal washers, we can trim it by switching to the UCS parallel to the head of the screw and subtract excess from the circle.

You can also do the hexagonal solids separately then assemble and combine it. That’s it! Your 3d screw is now complete.

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