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AutoCAD tutorial: Attach an xref

Xrefs (external references) let you view another drawing within your current drawing without actually inserting that other drawing.

Why use xrefs? Xrefs keep your drawing smaller. Each time you open a drawing, AutoCAD loads a current copy of the xref, so that you always have the most updated version. The drawing contains a link to […]

How to control what you see by clipping xrefs and blocks

You can attach other drawings to the current drawing to facilitate the drawing process. For example, you can attach a floor plan to a drawing of an electrical layout to make sure that you put the outlets in the right location. These other drawings are called external references, or xrefs.

Sometimes, xrefs can be large. […]

Find where xrefs are hosted

Would you like to know in which drawings a specific file is used as an xref? Let’s say that you’re editing a drawing and you’re pretty sure that it’s used as an xref in some other drawings. Changing the drawing will change these other drawings, too.

Mai Ezzat of Egypt sent in this tip to […]