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Quick Access to Dimensioning: The “DIM” Command

One of the keystones in drafting is dimensioning, and AutoCAD has made it incredibly seamless with the DIM command sequence. This powerful feature enables you to create dimensions based on selected objects automatically, streamlining the entire dimensioning process.

How to Use the DIM Command Sequence

  1. Activate DIM: Simply type “DIM” into the command line and press Enter (or Spacebar). This action initiates AutoCAD’s comprehensive Dimensioning toolset at your cursor.
  2. Choose Your Dimension Type: After activating DIM, hover over an object in your drawing without clicking anything just yet! AutoCAD will intelligently suggest potential dimension types based on what element you’re hovering over – whether it’s linear for lengths or radial for circles/arches.
  3. Select Objects: Once you’ve hovered and seen a preview of the proposed dimension – click on your chosen object or point to affirm this selection.
  4. Place Your Dimensions: Next up, simply move your cursor around until you find the perfect spot for placing this new dimension; then click once more to place it down officially!
  5. Repeat as Needed: You can continue using different parts of geometries under DIM mode till all necessary dimensional annotations are completed.
  6. Exit When done: Press Esc key exit out from ‘dim’ mode carry further operations modifications project hassle freely

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