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How to Use Command Alias and Custom Command Aliases for better productivity

Mastering shortcuts in AutoCAD not only skyrockets your productivity but also significantly enhances your drafting experience by minimizing manual inputs and streamlining repetitive tasks. Here’s an invaluable tip regarding Command Aliases

Use Quick Access to Command Alias

Almost every frequent command in AutoCAD has a ‘Command Alias’ – a keyboard shortcut that triggers the command instantly, without navigating through tabs or typing out full commands.

How It Works

For instance, instead of going through menus to activate the line tool or typing out “LINE” every time, simply press L on your keyboard followed by Enter. This command alias immediately gets you drawing lines, speeding up your workflow considerably.

Here are several other essential Command Aliases you should start incorporating into your daily use:

  • C + [Enter]: Circle
  • PL + [Enter]: Polyline
  • REC + [Enter]: Rectangle
  • TR + [Enter]: Trim
  • CO or CP + [Enter]: Copy
  • M + [Enter]: Move
  • ROT + [Enter]: Rotate

Creating Custom Command Aliases:

To tailor AutoCAD even further to suit your specific needs, customize or create new command aliases via the ‘Edit Aliases’ (ALIASEDIT) option. This level of customization empowers you with rapid access tailored precisely for how and what you draw often.

Tip for Efficiency:

Combine these aliases with object snap (OSNAP) functionalities like endpoint (END), midpoint (MID), center (CEN), and intersection (INT). By doing so, not only do you gain speed in initiating commands but precision in execution as well—two pillars quintessential for quality drafting.

Remember, proficient use of these shortcuts begins with memorization followed by consistent application. As those become second nature—you’ll find yourself slicing through projects at an unprecedented pace akin to wielding newfound superpowers within the realms of digital creation!

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