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What is your favorite AutoCad Block Naming Convention?

AutoCad block naming conventions can help you quickly identify block types, especially in drawings with many blocks or within the block libraries.

There is no one way fits all approach, however, from our experience, three major criteria for a good naming standard are:

  1. Descriptive/Meaningful
  2. Concise
  3. Consistent

So what is a Descriptive/meaningful, intuitive, simple and consistent naming standard actually means?

The name should be a description of the actual block, which tells about the block without seeing it. The name should also be meaningful and obvious to your company’s current user and therefore more intuitive to any future users.

Although there maybe no limit on characters in block names, it is also important to keep it simple and concise.

Last but certainly not least important is that whichever block naming system you decides to go with, it is critical to be consistent.

If your new block naming convention follows the above criteria, it will avoid unnecessary confusion and/or time wasting and it will be easier for new people to learn and get on board with the system.

Below is an example of a descriptive naming structure for door or window blocks for an architectural plan.

Company_Type/Operation of Door/window & No of Panels_ Width_Height

So for a 4 panel sliding door, 4000mm wide 2400 high, you can name it as descriptively as possible such as AACAD_SLIDEDR4P_40W24H

Note: The company initial is only useful if you are sharing & working on the same files with other company.

So if you prefer a simpler and more concise option, you can simply name this block as SD4P_40.24

If you go with this simplified naming convention, it may be useful to also have a print out or an attachment file with legends that clearly shows how the generic abbreviation works.

Comment and share with us below, the block naming convention/system/structure that you use and find most useful.


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