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Use Quick Select to select objects in your AutoCAD drawing

The Quick Select dialog box is a simple filtering device that helps you select the objects you want. For more advanced filters and for when you want to save filters, use the FILTER command.

There are 4 ways to open Quick Select in AutoCAD:qs

Home tab> Utilities panel>Quick Select With no command active, right-click in […]

AutoCAD tutorial: Create a complex selection filter

For most purposes, the standard selection options are fine. For details, see Use All of Your Selection Options. If you need more, first see if Quick Select can help. See Select objects quickly with Quick Select.

Sometimes, you need a more precise tool to select objects. AutoCAD’s most full-featured tool for selection is the FILTER […]

Use all of your selection options

We select objects all of the time, but most of us stick with a small number of familiar ways to select objects, and forget the rest. Perhaps it’s worthwhile to review all of the ways to select objects and learn some selection tips at the same time.

When you start an editing command, such as […]