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Temporarily override OSNAP, ORTHO, and other drafting settings

You’re drawing merrily along and you want to draw a line to a point, but you have OSNAP on, so the line keeps on snapping to the nearest endpoint. That’s not what you want! So you turn off OSNAP, but for the next line segment, you need it on again. So you turn it on.


Work faster with AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can make your work go much faster. You can use the default keyboard shortcuts and create your own.

Here are the defaults that come with AutoCAD:

F1: Displays Help

F2: Toggles the Text Window

F3: Toggles OSNAP

F4: Toggles Tablet mode

F5: Toggles ISOPLANE

F6: Toggles Dynamic UCS

F7: Toggles GRID mode

F8: […]